Berkshire West covers West Berkshire, Reading and Wokingham and is served by Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) .

It is an area of great diversity, made up of rural communities with local market towns, and contrasting with Reading that is the centre of digital-tech, retail and the home of a leading university. The population is growing and there are plans for 13,500 new homes to be built in Wokingham alone by 2026. The number of people aged over 65 is also increasing in every borough, leading to challenges for those providing health services as more people live longer with conditions requiring treatment.

The NHS in Berkshire West performs well against national standards for the priority areas of A&E, cancer, and mental health. It has a high standard of primary care but GP services are facing increasing demand.

The growth in the number and complexity of patients, combined with financial challenges, means that we need to find new and creative ways to deliver health and social care, putting our collective resources to use as efficiently as possible.We know that to succeed in this challenging environment we must focus on strengthening partnership working and encourage closer working between all parts of the NHS and social care to improve services for our patients. 

Berkshire West has also been identified by NHS England as an Integrated Care System. 

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