Developing the ICS Five Year Plan

The next phase of work to develop the BOB ICS five year plan is underway.

Our one system plan will describe how all partners within the ICS will work together locally and, when appropriate, together across the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West area, to ensure current and future health and care needs are met.

The plan will be published at the end of November 2019. It will describe how the ICS will deliver its agreed priorities and the requirements of NHS Long Term Plan Implementation Framework,

In particular, it will describe how all organisations within the ICS will work together to:

  • Boost out-of-hospital care
  • Reduce pressure on hospital services
  • Give people more control over their health and more personalised care when they need it
  • Provide digitally enabled primary and outpatient care
  • Work in partnership with local authorities to improve the health of our communities

The development of the BOB ICS Five Year Plan is the next step in work which began towards the end of 2018 and included an extensive review of all partner strategies, patient experience and insight and population health and needs data.

The review identified a number of positives about people, places and services. For example:

  • People live longer than those in other parts of the country
  • Diabetes cases are far lower across the area than the rest of the country
  • Lower smoking rates than the national average
  • Adult obesity rates are below the national average
  • There are lower rates of many major diseases compared to the national average including cancer, dementia and stroke
  • You have told us that, when you do receive services, staff are compassionate and caring
  • You have told us that your experience of specialist teams, such as heart failure services or MacMillan staff has been good
  • Services are rated well by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), providing good overall quality of care
  • We have secured over £12.9 million of funding for new world class NHS facilities
  • We have one of the best medical schools in the world - University of Oxford
  • There is strong investment in research and development at the Oxford Science Park – one of the top facilities in the UK

It also identified a number of challenges to overcome. For example:

  • 50% of the population has one or more long-term condition
  • Parts of Oxford and Reading are in the 20% most deprived areas of the UK
  • There will be a 50% increase people over the age of 65 by 2040
  • Our hospitals have not met the 95% national target of A&E attendees being seen within 4 hours
  • Demand for our services is expected to exceed our capacity for several specialties, e.g. gynaecology, urology and ophthalmology
  • Patients have told us that you continue to find it difficult to get a GP appointment
  • Patients have told us that you are waiting too long from referral to treatment
  • Patients have told us that you need clearer information, better explanations for everyone and particularly for people with learning disabilities
  • There is a higher number of premature deaths of people with serious mental illness compared to the national average
  • High number of ‘out of area’ placements for specialist Mental health services
  • There is increasing demand for mental health services and referrals for Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (“CAMHS”)
  • We have difficulty recruiting and retaining staff due to the high cost of living
  • We have one of the lowest funding allocations in England


The Long Term Plan Implementation Framework expects ICSs and STPs to develop and publish their five year plans according to the following timetable:



By 27 September 2019

Submission of BOB ICS draft plan to NHSE/NHSI South East Regional Team for review

By 15 November 2019


ICS plan agreed with ICS leadership and NHSE/NHSI South East Regional team, in consultation with National Programme Directors

End of November

Local plans to be published



For more information about how the BOB ICS plan is being developed, please click on the BOB bulletins