The NHS Health and Care Bill, if passed, will allow for the establishment of Integrated Care Boards and Integrated Care Partnerships across England. This will be done at the same time as abolishing Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs):

The statutory commissioning organisation will be the Integrated Care Board (ICB) this was previously referred to as the ICS NHS body.

The ICB will take on the NHS commissioning functions of CCGs as well as some of NHS England’s commissioning functions. It will also be accountable for NHS spend and performance within the system. Most staff currently employed by CCGs will transfer to ICBs, and NHS England has made an employment commitment to staff to provide stability and minimise uncertainty.

The Board of the ICB will, as a minimum, include a chair, the Chief Executive Officer and representatives from NHS providers, general practice, and local authorities. NHS England will agree ICBs’ constitutions and will hold them to account for delivery.

The Bill also enables the transition of commissioning responsibilities for primary care services and some specialised services to ICBs. Currently, this sits with NHS England, but primary medical care services have been successfully delegated to CCGs for some time.

Each ICS will also have an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), a joint committee which brings together the ICB and their partner local authorities, and other locally determined representatives. The ICP will be tasked with developing a strategy to address the health, social care, and public health needs of their system, and being a forum to support partnership working. The ICB and local authorities will need to pay regard to ICP strategies when making decisions. For more information please got to the transition pages on this website.