Keeping people well and providing great care

To continue providing high quality, affordable health and care for the whole population, we need to reduce demand and pressure on frontline services and support people to lead healthier lifestyles and avoid periods of ill health.

Population health management is about supporting people to stay healthy for as long as possible and, when they do need care, making sure it's easy to access, well coordinated, and helps them return home as soon as possible.

While every person will have their own unique requirements and circumstances, when working at scale across a whole population, groups with similar needs and characteristics can be identified. By understanding these groups, we can plan and deliver services in the most appropriate way and in the most convenient locations for their population.

When people do become ill, evidence shows that involving them in decisions about their care has real benefits for the individual and for care providers. If they are well informed about all the medical and non-medical options available to them, people will often make different choices about their treatment. When care providers understand what really matters to an individual, they can support them to access the services or treatments they really need.  


BOB ICS (plus Frimley), has joined together, to look at how we address population health management. 

To date this has included:

  • Producing a BOB ICS (plus Frimley) Population Health Management programme
  • Securing 100k for Berkshire West to support national work on population health management dashboard and £200K for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
  • Securing £2.4m via the Ca Alliance for Health Information Exchange and will focus on Ca but will secure wider population health management benefits for BOB ICS