A growing and ageing population, with complex multiple health conditions, means that  primary care and our GPs are central to our health system.

There is a shift towards groups of practices working together and  being open for longer, which makes it easier for people to access care.

We also need to invest in our workforce, infrastructure and primary care to help meet the needs of our growing population and the need to care for people with more complex needs, who are living for longer.


In the BOB ICS area, delivery of the General Practice Forward View takes place at local area level with oversight by BOB ICS.

Learning will be shared by Berkshire West Integrated Care System, (part of a national workstream for primary care), as well as Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, to ensure improvement across the BOB ICS area.

Our priorities include:

  • Extended access for 100% of the population by 1 October
  • Workforce
    • BOB share of additional 5,000 doctors and 5,000 other staff in primary care 
    • BOB share of 600 doctors via international recruitment campaign
    • Bob share of 500 clinical pharmacists in general practice
    • Increase in physicians’ associates
    • Increase in mental health therapists in primary care
  • Every practice to be part of a primary care network of 30,000 – 50,000
  • Completion of Estates and Technology Transformation Fund transformation schemes
  • Ensure 75% of sustainability and resilience funding is allocated by December 2018 and 100% by March 2019
  • Ensure every practice implements at least two of the high impact “time to care ” actions
  • Deliver primary care provider development initiatives, including on line consultations
  • Commission medicines optimisation for care homes via pharmacists and pharmacy technicians funded by the Pharmacy Integration Fund.
  • Work with current NHS England and Health Education England to understand current baseline across the BOB area
  • Identify areas that are key risks, or that might benefit from action at BOB level