Research shows that a complex combination of factors is leading to poor job satisfaction within general practice.


Factors include workloads, remuneration, perceived lack of recognition, increasing bureaucracy, indemnity costs and a lack of peer support.

This is leading to an increase in the rate at which GPs are choosing to leave the workforce, or work on a more part-time basis.

Supporting GPs to stay in general practice

Building on earlier piloting work – and learning from good practice across the country — NHS England is investing an additional £10 million in 2018/19 to encourage and support our GPs to remain in practice.

This includes:

  • Supporting the establishment of local schemes and initiatives that enable local GPs to stay in the workforce, through promoting new ways of working and offering additional support – through the new Local GP Retention Fund.
  • Establishing seven intensive support sites across the country in areas that have struggled most to retain their GPs, linked to implementation of the Releasing Time for Care programme and wider work being taken forward under the General Practice Forward View.

BOB STP Local Retention Programme

Over £7 million of additional funding is being made available across England during 2018/19 to support local retention programmes to support new ways of working and offering additional support to enable local GPs to stay in the workforce.

A key focus for the Programme will be to develop innovative local retention initiatives for:

  • GPs who are newly qualified or within their first five years of practice
  • GPs who are seriously considering leaving general practice or are considering changing their role or working hours.
  • GPs who are no longer clinically practicing in the NHS in England but remain on the National Performers List (Medical).

Workforce needs vary across the country and BOB STP has been working with local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's) Local Medical Committees (LMCs), the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) Ambassador Network to look at how to maximise impact of local activities to increase retention.

In August 2018, BOB STP approved an investment of £215k to support our Local Retention Programme (secured from the additional funding provided by NHS England), which has been match funded by Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Thames Valley. The Programme will employ a retention project manager across the STP area to support the delivery of local initiatives which include;

  • development of a GP Locum Chambers
  • enhanced opportunities to develop specialist interests
  • peer mentoring support
  • sessional employment opportunities
  • career portfolios.

The action plan for this work is being delivered in consultation with local GPs and stakeholders.

For more information please contact Rachel Thompson,  GPFV Senior Responsible Owner and Transformation Lead, BOB STP